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Why invest in Queenstown property?

Queenstown is not only a beautiful place - it has something for everyone, and property investors in particular.

Close to 50 per cent of property sales in Queenstown involve offshore or North Island-based buyers. They are surprised at how relatively simple it is to purchase property here - a place to which they can return year after year to indulge their passion for fishing, skiing, wining and dining or the outdoors. And for the rest of the year, the property can be managed or rented out.



We believe Queenstown has key benefits for property investment. It is arguably the strongest growth region in New Zealand with these notable features:

  • Rapid commerical and residential development

The region is continuing to experience dramatic development to its infrastructure, including an airport extension catering for more international flights from Australia. We're seeing a significant number of managed apartment complexes go under construction or receive resource consent. Numerous nationwide retail chains have opened branches here due to rapid growth in permanent population.

  • Strong capital growth

Queenstown's capital growth averages at 13 per cent per year over the last 30 years but, due to a period of settled inflation, is consolidating to five to eight per cent. An investment property is likely to yield not only excellent rental returns but some of the most profitable capital growth in New Zealand.

  • Low vacancy rates

Queenstown's shoulder seasons have disappeared and that's reulted in extraordinarily high year-round demand for rental property. It's been called a "rental crisis" and, as an investor, you can rest assured that your Queenstown property will be in demand 365 days per year.

  • Long-term sustained growth

Queenstown has fully transitioned from a domestic to an international resort. The burgeoning tourism industry is complemented by other industries including viticulture, lifestyle and film - people from all walks of life are making Queenstown their permanent residence.

  • Strong employment and population rates

The expansion of the town is demanding more workers from a wide range of industries. Workers bring families with them from the rest of Otago, New Zealand and overseas - and they all need accomodation. With real estate values soaring, renting is often a preferred option and demand hugely outstrips supply.



Harcourts Queenstown Property Management & Rentals

At Harcourts Property Management & Rentals, we provide a specialised and individual property management service, tailor-made to suit each of our clients' needs.

Established in 2001, we now have an extensive management portfolio of over 500 properties.


Our Aim: To make your investment hassle-free, while keeping you fully informed of all developments. 


Property Management is more that just putting tenants into a dwelling. We promise to deliver in multiple areas and deliver in your best interest.

  • We monitor the rental market and review rent levels to maximise value and returns from your investment.
  • We assess and match suitable tenants with your property to reduce issues and find a great fit.
  • Our professional and friendly property managers build long-standing relationships with both owners and tenants.
  • We run regular ongoing inspections, reporting and property maintenance to ensure your property is completely looked after.

Our reporting procedures keep you completely informed:

  • We set up regular (bi-monthly or monthly) payments to your nominated bank account.
  • Your monthly statements are posted or emailed to you so you're always financially aware.
  • We send regular newsletters which include details of the current market conditions so you're always ahead of the rental game.
  • We write and complete lease agreements and bond lodgements so you don't have to worry about the paperwork.
  • We're hugely experienced in mediation and are comfortable taking tenancy action when necessary - we work in your best interest.
  • We provide end of financial year tax documentation including all income and expenditure to make your tax and income reviews easy.
  • We arrange cost allocations to maximise your income and reduce tax liability where possible.


We run regular property inspections to give you constant peace of mind:

  • We inspect your property with every new tenant to confirm the condition of your property at the start of their tenancy.
  • We offer to carry out routine inspections once every three months and will always send you full reports concerning its condition.
  • We fully inspect your property at the end of each tenancy before any bond is released to ensure you're financially covered.
  • We provide recommendations of any ongoing maintenance that may need to be completed or budgeted for.


We oversee all maintenance to free you of the hassle:

  • We arrange and manage total lawn and garden maintenance.
  • We fully manage and oversee all upgrades, refurbishments and renovations - the management of your property can be left entirely or partially to us depending on how you prefer to work.

We advertise your property to find the most suitable tenants and maximise your return:

  • We advertise your rental vacancy in a range of publications to reach the most relevant local audience.
  • Your rental property features on our website whenever it is available, with top-quality photographs and a detailed description which can be updated daily.
  • A huge number of prospective tenants visit our office and marketing material for your property is on hand to provide them with.
  • All of our vacant rental properties are advertised on realestate.co.nz - NZ's largest property listing website - and harcourts.co.nz - NZ's largest real estate company website.




Click here to view current available rental properties with Harcourts Property Management & Rentals.

Or find us at:

Level 1, 5 Duke Street, Queenstown, 9300

Phone: +64 (0)3 441 0793

Fax: +64 (0)3 442 8730

Email: admin.queenstown@harcourts.co.nz


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