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Warwick Osborne

The Osbornes - Warwick & Megan

Megan and Warwick are known in real estate because they’re good at real estate. Real, honest and immensely effective since 2002, they’re the agents who focus on one thing: results.


Their success speaks for itself and their huge network of previous happy clients agrees. They know that you only sell your property once - you only have one chance to achieve the best sale price. So why would you waste your time with any other agent?


Warwick is the strategist: he’s tactical, he’s creative, he has proven processes and he comes up with a plan. With 15 years in Queenstown real estate and a history in project marketing for international brands, he knows what to do with your property.


Megan, meanwhile, is all about the legwork: she uses her strong relationships and extensive reach to source buyers and hone them into your property. She’s straight up with everyone, she’s authentic and she’s highly respected for her no-nonsense approach to selling.


Together, they’re experts in project marketing and an outstanding negotiating team. They’re known for delighting sellers with a premium price and landing buyers their dream property.


The Osbornes’ success is built on a framework of repeat business, referrals and professionalism. Their approach is simple but that’s because real estate is simple - once you know how to do it.


Visit the Osbornes's website for more information about their highly esteemed services.

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