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Simon Hayes

Simon Hayes

Simon won't mind us saying that he has a firm hold of the "old-school" mantle here at Harcourts Queenstown.


Established, experienced and knowledgeable, he's seen property trends come, go and come back again.


But when you work with Simon, you quickly realise that old-school doesn't mean outdated.


His insightful commentary and sincere guidance offer a true modern-day consultancy style. He'll give you the full picture no matter what, his listings are always of impeccable quality and he has the latest industry technology at his fingertips.


But - having been in Queenstown real estate for 23 years - he knows how to get results here. He's willing to work hard and is relied upon by an expansive network of local people. His industry know-how is matched by few other consultants and that makes him the man his colleagues turn to for advice and guidance.


Simon and his wife Ngaire have lived in Queenstown for 30 years and have become trusted and prevalent figures withint the Queenstown community.


Simon spent three years as Deputy Mayor and two terms on the district council. He was President of the Queenstown Lions and has chaired the parish council and Queenstown Primary's Board of Trustees. These days, he chairs the Abbeyfield New Zealand and Dalefield Water Supply Scheme committees.


Simon - who we might as well call "Mr. Queenstown" - is reliable, approachable and authentic by nature, and these characteristics have made him the town's go-to real estate consultant for decades.


Contact Simon today:


Mobile: 027 223 3150

Phone: +64 (0)3 441 0785

Email: simon.hayes@harcourts.co.nz


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