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Lesley Telfer

Lesley Telfer


How many times have you walked past a shop window & thought, Oh I love that! And how many times have you come out with something you never intended to buy or a nagging want that just won’t go away!!! That’s EXACTLY what I want buyers to do when they see your property advertised.


Not only will they make a point of going for a look but the experience of being in such a beautiful environment starts to pull at their heartstrings nagging them to consider buying it. Hi, I’m Lesley & I’m a qualified stylist who is all about turning your house into a show home to attract buyers & help achieve more on your sale price. During the last 6 years I have used this method to successfully sell $50 million dollars’ worth of real estate in Auckland, Queenstown & now specialising in Arrowtown. How do you get magazine quality photos & video… style it.


How do you get buyers to fall in love with your property… style it. How do you get buyers to pay more…style it. HOW? I will email you with a presentation plan with my professional opinion on what needs attention. I can send you a list of cost effective tradesman to help you get the property ready because we’re all about minimising costs & maximising profits! And no matter what style or age of your property I will then use YOUR furniture + MY DESIGNER soft furnishings/art to bring out the best in your home. All staging is 100% FREE for you to use during the campaign for as long as you need it.


This method has been proven during the sale of hundreds of homes, but don’t take my word for it. Please feel free to call any of my clients for an honest opinion on how this worked for them… ‘It’s not a question of whether you can add value to your home, Rather by… HOW MUCH?’

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